Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stickin' to it...

It is safe to say that schedules and I do not get along.

Having children has made me realize that a schedule can be good - although I am still strongly in favor of "flying by the seat of my pants". It just allows so much more room for fun!

Some of the secret joys of living
are not found by rushing from point A to B,
But by inventing some imaginary letters along the way!
-Douglas Pagels
When it comes to schooling, and the children getting older and needing a little more "educational beef" in their diet, I have decided to commit to a schedule... definitely for their benefit - possibly for mine. I'm thinking that if I post my schedule on the wall at home AND here on my blog, it will greaten my accountability!

Okay, here it goes (keep in mind, I will STILL scrap everything to run outside and discover a bird call)...

8 - 9: Morning Jobs (including breakfast) I gave the girls a check-list of things to get done before the day begins, i.e., make bed, brush hair, get dressed...

9 - 9:30 Bible & Prayer

9:30 - 10 Mystery of History (MOH)

10 - 10:30 Open (walks, PBS, play, snack...)

10:30 - 11:30 Five In A Row (FIAR)

11:30 - 12 Math U See (MUS)

12 Lunch, core learning complete

1 - 2 Reading Rainbow/Between the Lions (great for rainy days!)

In the afternoon we will work in Sequential Spelling/, Silent Reading, educational games, Art (if we don't do it during FIAR), baking, grocery shopping (and other important Life Skills), group activities with friends...

We're starting on September 10th!!!
Our core day (on the 10th) will end with a visit to Chuck E. Cheese with a group of friends.
We are still participating in GRACE Co-Op on Fridays at Kensington Community Church. The group has been such a blessing to our family (and the Support Group, as fun as homeschooling can be, IS CRUCIAL!!!) There are days where I couldn't do it without them!

So... there you have it!
We're ready to begin, but first Mom and Dad need to spend a little time together in New York City!!!!!
After that, business as usual!

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