Thursday, July 23, 2009

whattya mean?

So... I hear that when you update a blog every 5 months, it tends to lose momentum.
Yup, that's what happened. Good thing I'm not relying on this as a source of income! (seriously, have you SEEN some of those blogs out there?) I can only dream.

First, I owe you an apology. I'm sorry. (Don't take that apology lightly! It's hard for me to say I'm sorry.) *now I'm singing*
Second, answer the question, "What the heck have you been up to?"

Super, over-generalized list of WHAT'S UP'S! ~ ~ ~

* barely finished up the (home)school year (read: we just kinda stopped because mom reached a burnout of epic proportions!)

* bought a pop-up camper!

* threw a 60th surprise party for my daddy

* took the camper down to KY for a family reunion

* got the younggins registered for public school in the fall

* cried

* planted a garden

Wow. That list doesn't even scrape the surface of our crazy fun lives! ;)
I will use subsequent entries (promise) to elaborate on the above, afterall, I know the 7 of you are DYING to know how many of these things came about/went down!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Let's stay in...

More often than not, especially with the current economy, we choose "in" over "out". Whether it be carry out, chillin' with the pals or movie watchin', it's only a matter of time before couples butt-heads in the decision making process. I can't help you decide which friends to have over that you both MUTUALLY adore, and I am currently researching games that kick-ass across the gender gap - but - just in time (like, by the skin on my teeth) for Heart's Day....
I'm going to have to strongly agree on over half of these movies, but then again, I think my man
just might enjoy the romantic comedy more than me! Gotta love him!

10. Titanic
9. Ghost
8. Mean Girls
7. While You Were Sleeping
6. When Harry Met Sally
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4. Moulin Rouge
3. Pretty Woman
2. Bridget Jones' Diary
1. Love Actually

I have to expand on this list and say that pretty much any movie with Hugh Grant should have made the list. That being said, The Holiday should replace Love Actually for the numero uno slot. I also have to say that I was sorely disappointed that Dirty Dancing did not make the cut? Men?... you've GOT to agree with me on this one!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a day in the life

First, let's just start off by taking a look at my kitchen counter. What's so special about it?... YOU CAN SEE IT. I figured I'd better archive such an accomplishment because it will not be this way in, ohhhh, 3 hours!

The kiddos didn't put up much of a fight this morning. They were quite on task (hence, "clean" kitchen). There was the usual goofing around and me threatening to separate them into different areas of the house... but overall, we got the job done.

Let's just take a minute to "ooo and ahhh" at the marvels of IKEA. Storage solutions like these actually make it so that I can tolerate my kitchen ALSO being a school room! I already have plans for a cubby unit along the backside of the kitchen counter. We're very cramped for space, so every trip to IKEA makes a huge difference! (like, my justification here?)

Sorry, Tess... math can't ALWAYS be fun! She loves schoolwork. I think it's because it all just comes easy to her (and I really should put her ahead but don't want her to WAY overshadow her big sister academically... ugh.... that's for another post...). But when the girl gets stuck on something she gets really frustrated. I need to be close at hand before she starts tearing at her page or writing angry notes in the corner!

All the while, Parker chills on his "reading pad" and plays Starfall on the computer. He's making his way slowly through the "Learn to Read" section. He spends most of the time clicking on the characters to see what cool things they do rather than actually learning to read. But... hey... every bit of exposure counts!

... and we finally finished decorating the Valentine Tree.
It's our goal to decorate this sad little tree for every upcoming event. We'll see how disciplined I can be with this! Next up, St. Patty's Day/Daddy's Birthday. They are already pretty excited about ways to display BOTH events on one tree!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not the best blogger, but I have been behaving in my absence. Despite the fact that I have wanted to do one of 2 things: hibernate like a bear or move to South Carolina and wonder who would really miss me...

I'm being good in that I have been on my trusty Gazelle, yes, the Tony Little Gazelle, JUST ABOUT every day for JUST ABOUT a month. I mean, we all have the occasional day off. I ain't gonna lie.

If it wasn't enough to be in the midst of Doula Certification, I am going to meet with an admission counselor at a massage school this weekend. I would love to see me juggle a school schedule AND expectant mothers! I'm so adventageous! (stay tuned for my nervous breakdown).

For fun I have successfully caught up on 3 seasons worth of How I Met Your Mother and it has turned into somewhat of an obsession. I refer to Lilly and Marshall as if they are my closest friends, and I wonder if Barney would return my phonecalls and allow me to be his "WingGirl". Not healthy. But it's SO like me to get into something a little over my head.

Winter in Michigan is bringing me to my knees. Never in my life have I despised a season as much as the one I am currently in. As a result, I have had a very foul attitude and my attitude has been preventing me from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I think it could be the ungodly amounts of snow that is prohibiting me from seeing the light.
Winter in Michigan has made me so desperate that I have been visiting a TANNING SALON! Me!!! TANNING! To give you a clue on how pathetic my need for warmth is, and not my desire for a tan: I slather on a SPF 30, wear a tanktop and shorts, and lie on a towel. God give me WARMTH! (ok, confession: the fake rays have made me look "less dead".) And... YES, it really makes me feel better.

Exercise, goals, fake sun, mixed with the world's best sitcom has pulled me through.
What's been giving you the up & at 'em's?