Saturday, July 23, 2011

Never gonna give you up.

(above: today's lunch)

Day 4ish... All is well! Grains are def. more difficult for me to give up than dairy. I love cheese and all, but I'm what you might call a "cheese snob". I only eat really good cheese (which is pricey), so my indulgences are few and far between. Grains are everywhere, but I love a good challenge so BRING IT! A friend of mine, Lynn Fish, (<--- check her out) is a wonderful encouragement to me. She lightly suggested I check out the Paleo eating style. It has given me lots of insight as to how our body processes different crap we shove in our faces and, for the most part, I could see myself adapting this "natural eating" lifestyle. I will NOT, however, give up my beloved legumes. I LOVE beans. They are good for me. They are from the earth. I am not a huge meat eater, so they are my major form of protein besides eggs.
I'm really enjoying taking care of myself. Health and Nutrition was ALMOST my major until I realized I would have to take more math classes as a result. No joke.
So... so far, so good. I'm still not consuming a large variety of foods, but I am looking forward to trying a couple new recipes a week that incorporate my local farmers market. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 22, 2011

know what makes me happy?


that is all

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dim the house lights...

My 5 followers can relax. I'm back.
I am fixin' to let you all know how I handle cutting DAIRY AND GRAINS for the next 3 weeks.
It hurt me to think about it, and it even hurt me to type it.
In a nutshell, my body is mad at me.
My innards don't feel like they are up to par.
I recently had a full physical and all is well. I'm even "remarkably hydrated with great immunity"!
Who knew?
After chatting with friends that care about their bodies and researching some credible websites, I have a sinking feeling that dairy and (GOD FORBID)/or grains are the culprit.
This brings me to today - DAY 2 of neither DorG. Can I just call it that? You will catch on soon...
How do I feel? Eh. Can't tell yet. No positive or negative effects except for the fact that I CAN'T
STOP thinking about cheese, crackers, or beer. I feel as if these 3 things are the reason for my existence. Obviously, they are not. But the fact that I feel SO deprived is REASON #1 why this is a GOOD thing for me to do. Not attempt... DO!
Reason #2?... well, I just want to feel AWESOME. Not "ok" or "good". So tired of saying that. I'm ready for my body to be all that it can be. I'm strong and active and ready to investigate why I'm just not as awesome as I should be. ;-)
"What have you been eating, Laura?" Good question, Laura! I'll give a little recap:
Eggs, Boar's Head Chicken, veggie salads with bals. vin. and EVOO, Krab, lots of beans, cut up veggies on hand, smoothies made with frozen fruit and almond milk...
I will be more specific with my meals in later posts. I went to the library and found lots of good reads with some great recipes. I can't wait to share my journey with you!
Dreams of feta and hops,