Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a little battle

Let's face it, most of us don't know a real battle when it comes to our health.
I am blessed beyond measure that I'm just dealing with some extra baggage on the hips and belly!

It's going well.
This week, I've blown it. Big time. I've wrestled through the emotional reasons as to WHY I possibly gained back half of my loss in 5 days - and I'm moving on.
I'm in the midst of week 4 and I'm down 9.5 pounds!

I'm very proud of myself.
This is not easy, but I'm loving the changes.

Less of me to come later!


calamityjane said...

i'm really proud of you!! that is a big loss in a short amount of time! you are gonna be a bigtime m.i.l.f.! hee hee! :)

Loo said...

it's a pretty elite club - i understand the standards and plan to join soon! ;)