Tuesday, September 2, 2008

aaaand, we're off!

First day of school.
Kids were per-fect.
We got everything done.
We stuck to the schedule.
It will not last.

C'mon, be real... it just WON'T!
That's okay. I don't really prefer this "robotic" type of morning, but I'll tell ya...
if I can get this school day to be more of the norm.... PRAISE GOD!

I love that each year I am getting a little more and more into their groove, and them mine. We are learning so much about each other. I really want to encourage others (since I'm usually the one needing the encouragement!) to stick it out. I can say that because today went well. One good day really does cancel out 10 bad ones.
And what is a "bad" day... really?
Your kids would rather PLAY than do math??? - Set up a "pet store" with all their stuffed animals
Your kids would rather be anywhere but the kitchen table listening to you "teach"? - Pack up a bag of books and a blanket and head to the park
Your kids have ants in their pants and you can't wait until wine 'o clock?? (okay, that's usually my complaint) - Crank up the music full blast and attempt to dance and clean one room... all before the song ends. OH, and don't forget to laugh.

For the most part, we CAN get through this with great joy.
For the most part, my days won't be picture-perfect (who has that "picture", anyway??)
But... as always... I am blessed beyond belief to have this opportunity to be with my children in this capacity...
and THAT is worth it ALL!


Mark said...

OH, and don't forget to laugh.

This is the best piece of advice of all.

velvet said...

you're awesome. that's all :)

The Jones' said...

an inspiration to all of us to "enjoy" the time our babies are babies!