Thursday, December 20, 2007

a december day.

Our morning started with more of the story of Christ's birth.
The girls drew pictures to go along with their copywork.
(actually, the day started with lots of "cushion forts" and fighting...)

Parker helps roll the giant snowball.

Big sister jumps in to help...

Push, Carly!

Look who has to go potty!

The weather is gorgeous, sunny and 40.
The snow melts a bit and becomes PERFECT for packing!
Only a few more days until Christmas.
We are all really looking forward
a weekend full of family, friends, and fun!


velvet said...

man, i can't believe all that snow. it seems so foreign to me now - and i grew up in mich! i've become such a weather wimp. i love the rosy cheeks the kiddos get when they play out in the snow, though!

Ashley said...

Make your kids stop being cute ;)