Thursday, December 13, 2007

learning in a new year.

I've gotta be honest here... our first semester was kinda wishy-washy as far as curriculum goes. We learned! We had FUN! We did not have much structure. As I've said in the past, my children respond well to SOME structure, and I believe it is very good for them.
New year, a few new adjustments to OUR SCHEDULE.

We still use Five In A Row. Love it. Plan on continuing.
Still enjoying Math-U-See, both girls are doing math - AND NOT HATING IT!
We are going to add the "Burgess" books and create a real Nature Study!
I am so excited about this. Spending the day outside - exploring- it really reminds me of WHY I keep my kiddos with me.
I will be using the Ambleside curriculum for our Nature, Hymn, and Composer Studies.
I'm also looking into Rod & Staff for Language Arts. A friend recommended it, and I think I'm sold! So far, we've just been using random workbooks, which have worked well, but I can tell the girls are ready to kick it up a notch!
They love using the Explode the Code books for Language Arts, too. I plan on purchasing the next level.
History? Eh, we'll just read cool books and rent fun videos from the library. They are still young and I don't see the need to learn it now only to RE-learn it again in 4 years.

We're enjoying our Christmas break. Learning about advent has really helped us get excited for MORE than just the gifts under the tree. While the kids make paperbag puppet shows to the music of "Hairspray", I am eagerly anticipating a new year of learning!

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