Monday, March 10, 2008

for my own good.

In lieu of my recent, slow (yet steady) weight loss (15 lbs. since 1/3/08), I've decided I owe it to myself to make some other changes in the way I care for my body. It's not as overwhelming as it may seem because, let's face it, there's SO much we can do to give our "temples" a much needed renovation!

Listen to your body.

Sounds vague, I know. But really, start journaling how you feel. Pay attention to the foods you put in your mouth at the time you're feeling "that way." Over time, you're bound to see a pattern evolve. I promise you a #3 Extra Value Meal will NEVER elicit a "thank you" from your body!*

Something about my body feels.... for lack of a better word, but probably the correct word, TOXIC.
I thought about toxins in my body, and wondered how I would face this battle!
Start over. Flush it out and START OVER.

I'm currently researching the "juice fast" With my anemia, it may not be a good idea. If it seems do-able,
I will start trying this method in the warmer months (recommended) . I'm not looking forward to it - but the results fill me with hope and determination to feel the way that God created me to feel. (or darn close to it anyway... let's face it, Adam and Eve REALLY did screw it up for us!)

For the time being, I am introducing PROBIOTICS to my system. Here's a little definition that I too
k from a site (that I should site, sshhh) to help you better understand the importance of these little capsules:

Probiotics are intended to provide nutritive support for the normal absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract. Each serving provides 20 billion friendly micro-organisms.

I am also going to continue taking my Triphala Internal Cleanser. I don't need to go into details. You can imagine it's role in all this. If you're curious though, just click the name for more info!

I'm also continuing a diet high in fiber with PLENTY of water (good stuff, I ACTUALLY go to a WATER STORE!) and exercise.

So... feel free to chart my progress and hold me accountable.
I'm optimistic. I have all the confidence that I will feel better than I felt this time last year... and that's all the motivation I need right now!

* but this might...

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velvet said...

right on, sister! i am in the process of learning to 'listen to my body', too. all your ideas sound really interesting. i need to incorporate more probiotics, for sure. we can be accountable together! :)