Monday, March 17, 2008


The kids and I jumped in the van and headed to Wolcott Mills this morning
to pick up our latest project!

We hope to have some of these in 21 days

So we loaded a bunch (20, to be exact) of these
...into this thing

... and now we wait!


Anonymous said...

how fun! I want chickens but I think we can only have 3 in my neighborhood. I actually want the eggs from the chickens to be exact. Let us know how it goes.

velvet said...

incubation!! your kids are gonna LOVE those little chickies! we did this when i was a kid! of course, i lived on a farm... :) at one point, i had 15 chicks living in a box in my room! we would put a piece of popped popcorn in the box and they would play 'football' with it. yeah, we were a little starved for fun on the farm :) are you going to raise them all?

Loo said...

Well, the sad part is that the city of Troy does not allow chickens, sooooo.... I'm currently looking for a home for my chickens-to-be! This could be interesting. Oh.... how I'd love to be out of this area!!!