Monday, May 12, 2008

it's a party, no... it's a SALAD!

This can't be one of those "long story short" kinda tales.
I can't, in good conscience, take credit for such a culinary masterpiece.
My friend, Ross, probably can't either... but I took it from him.
Is this an appropriate citing of my resource? Can I continue?
Okay, back up a sentence or so.
This Ross guy?... Not really my "friend".
(Gosh, why we gotta be so technical?)
Any of you watch (semi-religiously) The Tonight Show? Or...
How about VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, I believe, Season II. (?)
Well, Ross Mathews is aka "Ross the Intern" on Leno. His ridiculously magnetic personality captured me at HELLO! I watch Ross' "Talky Blogs" several mornings a week while drinking my coffee. I'm working on substituting the Blog for The Bible. Don't be hatin'.
This morning, Ross shared a recipe. I ran out and bought the ingredients because I could only imagine the explosion of flavor that was to come.
I was right. It was amazing. It was... expen$ive.
It was worth it.

I would give you the recipe, but I would love for you to meet "my friend", Ross.

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