Thursday, July 23, 2009

whattya mean?

So... I hear that when you update a blog every 5 months, it tends to lose momentum.
Yup, that's what happened. Good thing I'm not relying on this as a source of income! (seriously, have you SEEN some of those blogs out there?) I can only dream.

First, I owe you an apology. I'm sorry. (Don't take that apology lightly! It's hard for me to say I'm sorry.) *now I'm singing*
Second, answer the question, "What the heck have you been up to?"

Super, over-generalized list of WHAT'S UP'S! ~ ~ ~

* barely finished up the (home)school year (read: we just kinda stopped because mom reached a burnout of epic proportions!)

* bought a pop-up camper!

* threw a 60th surprise party for my daddy

* took the camper down to KY for a family reunion

* got the younggins registered for public school in the fall

* cried

* planted a garden

Wow. That list doesn't even scrape the surface of our crazy fun lives! ;)
I will use subsequent entries (promise) to elaborate on the above, afterall, I know the 7 of you are DYING to know how many of these things came about/went down!


Mark said...

I hate to make the bad seem worse, but I am one of those 7.

Loo said...

oh... don't feel bad! i'm well aware. ;)