Friday, February 13, 2009

Let's stay in...

More often than not, especially with the current economy, we choose "in" over "out". Whether it be carry out, chillin' with the pals or movie watchin', it's only a matter of time before couples butt-heads in the decision making process. I can't help you decide which friends to have over that you both MUTUALLY adore, and I am currently researching games that kick-ass across the gender gap - but - just in time (like, by the skin on my teeth) for Heart's Day....
I'm going to have to strongly agree on over half of these movies, but then again, I think my man
just might enjoy the romantic comedy more than me! Gotta love him!

10. Titanic
9. Ghost
8. Mean Girls
7. While You Were Sleeping
6. When Harry Met Sally
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4. Moulin Rouge
3. Pretty Woman
2. Bridget Jones' Diary
1. Love Actually

I have to expand on this list and say that pretty much any movie with Hugh Grant should have made the list. That being said, The Holiday should replace Love Actually for the numero uno slot. I also have to say that I was sorely disappointed that Dirty Dancing did not make the cut? Men?... you've GOT to agree with me on this one!


Mark said...

I liked Ghost back in the 90s, not so much now. I love Mean Girls, that's no secret. I didn't like Greek Wedding, or Bridget. I suppose I'd watch the rest...

John Azoni said...

I found out the other day that my Dad laughed uncontrollably in the theater at a scene in Mean Girls.

I on the other hand have only seen maybe 2 of those movies. Though I totally don't mind romantic comedies.