Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday's Thoughts

"As Christians, we are called to convert our loneliness into solitude. We are called to experience our aloneness not as a wound but as a gift--as God's gift--so that in our aloneness we might discover how deeply we are loved by God."

~ Henri Nouwen ~

I hate to say that I wish for times of loneliness...
My depression last year was the loneliest time in my life.
Lonelier than being without a boyfriend in High School.
Lonelier than starting a college with no friends.
Lonelier than being awake with a baby and post-partum depression at 2am.

In my depression, God sat at the foot of my bed. My fear and sadness was NOT from God, and He reassured me through scripture every time I would listen. Every once in a while I would lose sight and start to sink, and just when that would happen, God would fix my eyes back on Him and I would walk on water - in the assurance that no matter what my trials, HE WOULD NOT LEAVE ME!

My quiet times with God, as few and far between as they are, are my "lonely times." There is no sadness in my loneliness except the knowledge that I should be with God intimately more often. The more I humble myself before Him, the more I receive from Him.
It's a fact that I know to be true and REJOICE in!

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