Monday, June 25, 2007

In addition to my last post...

I ran across this video on YouTube and just had to bring it here... along with the story.

My very first Clay show, 2004.
I got tickets from a kind lady online. I drove out to Jackson, MI all alone, knowing that I'd at least know the 2 ladies I spoke with on the phone.
During that tour, Clay's "people" would audition singers prior to the show. They would take your seat number and come and get you if you were chosen to SING WITH CLAY!
Well... HERE'S HEATHER! Back then, she was just the nice lady I had JUST met and sat with.
NOW? - one of my best friends in the WORLD! ;)
I can't help but look back on this precious night... watching my dear friend experience a dream-come-true in the making!

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manya said...

That was totally cool! She must have been floating on air for weeks.