Friday, July 25, 2008

just like that.

He's done.
My sweet baby/little boy is really okay with the fact that
he does not need his trusty blanket anymore.

Trusty blanket = "ee-haa"
"Ee-haa" also comes with "taggy".

I love "taggy".

"Taggy" and "Ee-haa" have been his source of comfort when mommy is not around.
Now, he's such a big boy, that he's alright when mommy is not around.

He's confident in the fact that I will return and passes the time with a book, or a matchbox car, instead of running his fingers in and out the silky tags.

I don't keep much.
I'm good at getting rid of things we are done with around here.

But "Ee-haa" and "Taggy" will have a special box, in a special place...
... to help me remember these special days.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Ya know, I still don't know how "fuzzy" turned into "Ee-haa". The girls & I were pushing "fuzzy" hard, but "Ee-haa" prevailed...