Wednesday, July 16, 2008

something in the air...

Homeschooling moms everywhere are starting to think. (uh, oh... that could be dangerous!)
The official learning year is fast approaching and the FUN of planning begins!
Really, I mean that! From those I know, MOST are very excited to plan!
(it's the implementing that stinks to high heaven!) Ohhh, the best of intentions should never be disregarded!

A few thoughts:
I'm changing things up a little bit from last year.
I'm getting a little more serious about getting certain things completed.
I may put my little man into a preschool program a couple days a week to have a little concentrated time with the girls.
I'm going to do some joint subjects with friends. (science and history)

Here's what we've got on the plate so far...
Piano once a week.
GRACE Co-op Fridays
Language Arts - Rod and Staff everyday
Math - Horizons everyday
Science - Apologia, Zoology 1 (and all the birding that I am in love with...) T&Th
History - Mystery of History M & W
Bible - Stick Figure Bible and morning devotionals everyday

For us... that's M-O-O-O-O-RE than enough.
We've been doing math and reading all summer... just to keep it all fresh in our minds.
Both girls will also be involved in Girl Scouts and cheering for the Royal Oak Chargers.
Little man will be choosing a sport in the next year or so...
Until then, he'll just have to be content being my baby!

It's going to be a good year!


Mark said...

"Until then, he'll just have to be content being my baby!"

I believe this applies to the rest of his life. ;)

velvet said...

yea, homeschool! :)
i'm glad you posted what you guys are doing for this year. gives me inspiration!