Thursday, July 24, 2008

this ain't no disco!

Go ahead and start the track down there before you read.
Soundtracks are an important part of ignorant stories. (are they?)

Okay, let's begin.
Cutting fresh, delicious, fiery peppers from your garden and then PICKING YOUR NOSE is far from smart.... OR any other part of your face for that matter - your eyelids, upper-lip, or forehead. Ladies and gentlemen, I just went through a double ice-cube healing regimen in an effort to stop the BURN. Not only did I fry the tender inner-nose, but WAAAAY up there into the sinuses - GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!! NOT THE SHARPEST TOOL IN DA SHED!!!!
Not smart y'all.
Not smart.

Lesson: For the love, PLEASE wear gloves and then wash your hands after handling habanero peppers! Washing your hands after picking your nose, optional, but highly recommended!

You now have full permission to make fun of me.

Disco Inferno (Single Edit) - The Trammps

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