Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I'm everywhere!

I think I have blogs started in 3 other places than here.
I'm actually searching for the best format, or the one that suits me best.
If you ended up here somehow - WELCOME!
Starting tomorrow, or today, we'll see how ambitious I am, this will be a great place to check in on our family and all the crazy things we do!


JIMMY h said...

welcome to the Blogger community, Loo! if you use Gmail, i'm sure you will enjoy your experience here even more...

sandy said...

hey lauraloo

very cool work, girlfriend.

nice pic of pj. what'd ya do to provoke that response momma?

looks like you're having fun with the blog.

Maria said...

How fun. I have got to figure out how to be a Blogger.
Great job.