Tuesday, May 8, 2007

This is big... BIG!

Okay, perhaps not to you.. but this is MY blog!
I'll cut to the chase.

2 of the original cast members from RENT are coming back to Broadway for 7 weeks this summer.
Not only are they 2 original (AMAZING) cast members... they are my FAVORITES!

I'm going.

I. AM. GOING. (insert one gajillion exclamation points!)

We're not sure how we're getting there or where we are staying, but those are minor details in such a HUGE event!

Yes, I sound crazy. Let's also keep in mind that I am a CLAYMATE. Enough said. ;)
Ya either love me or hate me regarding this personality trait I possess...
Haters? ~ PISS OFF! (my apologies... i'm passionate.)

So... without wasting any more time, let me introduce to you

Oh, and YES... these are the same men from the motion picture that most of you may be familiar with:

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