Tuesday, May 1, 2007

When A Woman Loves A Man.....

That guy down there with the yellow stripe on his shirt, he's my man. Since I already introduced you to the cast, it's only right that you meet the Director of this show.

We're comin' u
p on 9 years of wedded bliss. No, that's a lie. Marriage has not been a cake-walk for us, and we're best friends! I can't imagine holding a marriage together with a person you didn't even like that much to begin with! The past 9 years have been amazing. We have grown and gained so much (just look at those 3 yummy pumkins up there!).

I really am thankful that God "plopped" such an amazing ma
n in my life all those years ago. Through good times and not-so-good, it has been made quite evident to the both of us that we were "meant to be."

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