Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knitting Needles Aside...

... I am into a book phase again.
Any time I set my sights on something - a new skill, a hobby, a new relationship, a major undertaking - I jump in feet first with 100% dedication.
Friends out there, can you vouch for that? It's a problem, I know.
This past winter I would smile at my knitting needles in the morning and plan my next trip to Joanne's while drinking my morning coffee. If you were lucky enough to slip in a conversation with me (between scarves, because that's all I made... well, before the Knifty Knitter anyway) I was determined to give you the knitting-bug as well.
At least I realized that knitting was more fun with a friend.
(Tricia? Christine? Thank you.)
The problem with reading (if I had to find one) is that it is NOT a social hobby. I have to make a conscience effort to include real people in my day (well, besides my children) so that I don't accidentally refer to characters in the books as if they were my next door neighbors. That's creepy... but I've done it.

Just ask me about Georgia Ella. LOVE her!!!

Okay, so how about book clubs? I hear there are people out there that would really enjoy sitting around talking about these characters, as if neighbors! Yay! I mean, I have a couple of friends that know my relational issues with Meredith Grey... that's not so weird, why not book people?

Well, this summer I have decided on an author named Lisa Samson, thanks to my FIAR friends.
I love her! If I was a writer, I would be her. It's like I know what sentence is coming next because Lisa and I share a brain. It's my plan to knock out her titles by Labor Day and if you like to read, steer clear of me, because I'll drag you along with me. I'll even let you know which library has what title. Yes, I'm that nice. ;)

So, I've finished "Straight Up". Loved it. I didn't really savor it. Devour is more like it. I am now on Chapter 4 of "Quaker Summer" and if it's even possible, I think I already like it MORE than "SU"! I am actually planning a couple fun activities, child-led of course, for the kiddos today so that I can sit by *coughwithmybookcough* and know that they are being entertained AND learning. I also plan on putting a load in the wash, making my bed, and making sure the kitchen is somewhat tidy before I visit my friends "Heather and Jace" in Baltimore!

Aahh, it's going to be a good summer. Me and my sweet escapes...
Oh, and have I ever mentioned this guy?


Mark said...

Oh no you didn't mention Clay! What's that about?

Anyway, you managed to leave out one little detail. Yes, you do jump in feet first with 110% dedication. But, you neglected to mention, sometimes that 110% falls off sharply. Rightly so, though. You can't give 100% to all things all the time. (Well, maybe your husband.) ;) I think you're the type to instead of give 10% to 10 things, you give 100% to one thing at a time. I still want a knit sweater this winter, so you still gotta keep up the skills.

Loo said...

I do need to give more attention to my husband...

Jen Varberg said...

Hey Laura,

Love your blog!! Glad I finally got a chance to see it. The kids don't realize that we don't have internet blocker on anymore, so while it's gone, I will keep coming back!

Gotta say, I LOVE books and totally understand getting so absorbed that you feel the characters are your friends/neighbors.

I am also dismayed to see that Mark has hit the nail on the head with his assessment....but I was thinking of his assessment of me!!! Uhg. I jump in feet first but it drops off--and quick!! Josh is like that too.


Well, gotta get your book back to you we MUST see one another.

You've inspired me....gonna go and start my blog now! ;-)