Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knitting Needles Aside...

... I am into a book phase again.
Any time I set my sights on something - a new skill, a hobby, a new relationship, a major undertaking - I jump in feet first with 100% dedication.
Friends out there, can you vouch for that? It's a problem, I know.
This past winter I would smile at my knitting needles in the morning and plan my next trip to Joanne's while drinking my morning coffee. If you were lucky enough to slip in a conversation with me (between scarves, because that's all I made... well, before the Knifty Knitter anyway) I was determined to give you the knitting-bug as well.
At least I realized that knitting was more fun with a friend.
(Tricia? Christine? Thank you.)
The problem with reading (if I had to find one) is that it is NOT a social hobby. I have to make a conscience effort to include real people in my day (well, besides my children) so that I don't accidentally refer to characters in the books as if they were my next door neighbors. That's creepy... but I've done it.

Just ask me about Georgia Ella. LOVE her!!!

Okay, so how about book clubs? I hear there are people out there that would really enjoy sitting around talking about these characters, as if neighbors! Yay! I mean, I have a couple of friends that know my relational issues with Meredith Grey... that's not so weird, why not book people?

Well, this summer I have decided on an author named Lisa Samson, thanks to my FIAR friends.
I love her! If I was a writer, I would be her. It's like I know what sentence is coming next because Lisa and I share a brain. It's my plan to knock out her titles by Labor Day and if you like to read, steer clear of me, because I'll drag you along with me. I'll even let you know which library has what title. Yes, I'm that nice. ;)

So, I've finished "Straight Up". Loved it. I didn't really savor it. Devour is more like it. I am now on Chapter 4 of "Quaker Summer" and if it's even possible, I think I already like it MORE than "SU"! I am actually planning a couple fun activities, child-led of course, for the kiddos today so that I can sit by *coughwithmybookcough* and know that they are being entertained AND learning. I also plan on putting a load in the wash, making my bed, and making sure the kitchen is somewhat tidy before I visit my friends "Heather and Jace" in Baltimore!

Aahh, it's going to be a good summer. Me and my sweet escapes...
Oh, and have I ever mentioned this guy?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Please, if you have 10 minutes...

... watch, listen, and KNOW- beyond a shadow of a doubt - that you are LOVED...

Thank you to Rob Bell
Pastor, Mars Hill, Grand Rapids MI


"Everyone hears what you say.
Friends listen to what you sa
y. Best friends listen to what you don't say."

... and can I just add that I'm not entirely thrilled about the last part of that quote up there, but I wouldn't change it for anything! Thank you, my friend, for knowing it all and loving me just the same...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blessed beyond comprehension...

I'm not sure how this makes for an interesting blog entry, but it's by far the BIGGEST truth of my life.
I'm blessed that I am loved, on so many levels...
for just being me.

Broken, beautiful, chosen, loved...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Too big too fast!

This little munchkin is headed to Girl Scout camp for the weekend....

... it's just too much!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

This is big... BIG!

Okay, perhaps not to you.. but this is MY blog!
I'll cut to the chase.

2 of the original cast members from RENT are coming back to Broadway for 7 weeks this summer.
Not only are they 2 original (AMAZING) cast members... they are my FAVORITES!

I'm going.

I. AM. GOING. (insert one gajillion exclamation points!)

We're not sure how we're getting there or where we are staying, but those are minor details in such a HUGE event!

Yes, I sound crazy. Let's also keep in mind that I am a CLAYMATE. Enough said. ;)
Ya either love me or hate me regarding this personality trait I possess...
Haters? ~ PISS OFF! (my apologies... i'm passionate.)

So... without wasting any more time, let me introduce to you

Oh, and YES... these are the same men from the motion picture that most of you may be familiar with:

Thursday, May 3, 2007

There are days...

... where it takes everything in my power to pull my children away from their play.
See, I am supposed to. I teach them at home. The world wants me to think that what I am doing is WRONG or a DISSERVICE! Are you kidding me?
I have such a peace about just letting them be children right now. There will come a time, VERY SOON, where "hitting the books" will be critical to their intellectual development.
It is so obvious that their desire to learn is natural. I know my children and therefore I know when to "kick it up a notch".
Right now we read, play games, take nature walks, cuddle, laugh, and paint pictures.
And to me, this is what THIS TIME is all about.

Salary of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Is it even POSSIBLE to put a price-tag on this job?
I wouldn't trade it in for all the money in the world.
I really wish more people would quit living beyond their means and realize the importance of being home with their children... it's the most important "job" in the world.

Click here, very interesting


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Quite possibly...

... THE BEST Idol performance EVER *

*and yes, I have seen them all AND I'm a die-hard Clay fan...
I also have to add, for the record, that Clay is pretty much exempt from all Idol discussion.
He's in a league of his own...
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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

When A Woman Loves A Man.....

That guy down there with the yellow stripe on his shirt, he's my man. Since I already introduced you to the cast, it's only right that you meet the Director of this show.

We're comin' u
p on 9 years of wedded bliss. No, that's a lie. Marriage has not been a cake-walk for us, and we're best friends! I can't imagine holding a marriage together with a person you didn't even like that much to begin with! The past 9 years have been amazing. We have grown and gained so much (just look at those 3 yummy pumkins up there!).

I really am thankful that God "plopped" such an amazing ma
n in my life all those years ago. Through good times and not-so-good, it has been made quite evident to the both of us that we were "meant to be."

Just try and imagine...

This song brings me to my knees and fills me with so much hope and anticipation.
What I wouldn't give for EVERYONE to know Jesus and be able to know with certainty that one day they would run into His loving arms...

Socialization Schmocialization...

I keep my babes home.
Surprise!.. for those of you that didn't know that yet.

More times than I can count I get the question,
"Aren't you concerned about their socialization?"

Although I haven't yet had the nerve to say this, here is my response:

"Extremely concerned... that's WHY I keep them home!"

Meet the Cast...

<--- There she is... Eldest child of 3. AKA, Gracie-bear... or "Bear". In the event that my loud mouth is out-of-service, she'll be happy to step right in. Full of energy, drama, and song, she's what I always wanted to be as a child. It is now my goal NOT to live vicariously through her, and I'm having a hard time! I'd say she's me with flair. I was a pretty subdued child. I was happier reading a book than performing a show-tune. I'd say that trait got passed on to my sweet middie child...

Over there, on the right... she's Middie. God bless her fragile little head. ;) I wish she didn't fit "middle child profile" to a "T"... but she does! If books were her life, she'd be fine with that. I'm actually fine with that, but I know she needs to be well-rounded. She's a goofball and has aquired my "warped" sense of humor (I call it "smart-humor", but many disagree). We both think it's funny when someone trips and falls...
She's such a joy

<--- That's Little Guy. I could just bite his sassy little face! Okay, so he's babied. BY THE WHOLE FAMILY! God help the woman that thinks she's getting by the mom and 2 older sisters during the teenage years! (late teenage years... maybe.)
He takes the world by the horns, freaking me out in the progress. I have made it my goal to make him "Momma's Boy." I don't have to try very hard... I guess it comes naturally for "baby boys."

I'm everywhere!

I think I have blogs started in 3 other places than here.
I'm actually searching for the best format, or the one that suits me best.
If you ended up here somehow - WELCOME!
Starting tomorrow, or today, we'll see how ambitious I am, this will be a great place to check in on our family and all the crazy things we do!